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  Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical
       Research Institute Co.,Ltd

       Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as the “Research Institute”) was formerly known as Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute. It was established in 1972 and was originally a comprehensive medical research institution of Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau. In 2000, it entered the whole system. Guangyao Group, in July 2015, the entire equity was injected into Guangyao Baiyunshan Group. After more than 40 years of development, the Research Institute has become a new research and development institution with complete disciplines, talents, outstanding features, strong innovation capabilities and integrated industrialization in South China. It is also the first batch of new R&D institutions in Guangdong Province and Guangdong Province Science and Technology Services. Top 100 enterprises, Guangdong Province honest demonstration enterprises, Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Industry Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Guangzhou Science and Technology Service Industry Model Enterprise.


       The Research Institute has the only “National Canine Experimental Animal Seed Center” in China, and the first national technical platform such as the National Key Laboratory of New Drug Safety Evaluation, which has passed the international AAALAC certification and national GLP certification in South China. , 14 provincial-level technology platforms, such as the Chinese medicine testing and evaluation public technology service platform and the Guangzhou biomedical key technology public R&D platform, the Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Drug Dispensing Technology, Beagle Quarantine Training Center, etc. 11 municipal technology platforms.

       The Research Institute has a high-quality talent team with nearly 150 employees, including 75% of researchers, nearly 10 doctors, more than 50 senior titles and masters, and 45% of high-level talents. The Research Institute also hired more than 10 internal and external academicians, new drug review experts and well-known experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, including the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and formed a team of technical consultants, forming technical guidance from authoritative experts in the industry at home and abroad, and graduate students and technical backbones as the backbone. The technical echelon of power.

       In recent years, the Research Institute has undertaken 11 national science and technology projects, more than 80 provincial and municipal science and technology projects, more than 10 new drug certificates and production approvals, and more than 20 invention patents in China, the United States and Europe. It has provided technical support for safety evaluation, preparation research, quality research, pharmacodynamic research, pharmacokinetic research, etc. for more than 150 universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies both at home and abroad, with the United States, Britain, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, etc. Academic exchanges and cooperation between new drug research and development institutions, enterprises and government departments in more than 20 countries and regions.

       At present, the research institute is the 165th of China's top 500 enterprises, and the R&D headquarters of the first batch of China's top 100 pharmaceutical companies for seven consecutive years. The research and development headquarters of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group is building a research and development headquarters in Guangzhou International Bio Island. The large-scale group enterprise R&D center of technology incubation, international exchange, innovation and entrepreneurship is committed to contributing to the development of China's bio-health industry.